RE ONA is a women’s ready to wear label offering transitional, functional and clean designs. They believe clothing should be effortless, minimal and comfortable. They wanted to create quality-made garments that can easily transition from morning to night, that transcends from season to season. 

Their design process encompasses minimal silhouettes ensuring comfort and quality at the forefront. They keep in mind how their clothing will make you feel and believe when you feel good with what you are wearing, you ultimately feel confident inside and out.

RE ONA’s products are manufactured and produced in Dhaka, Bangladesh and DongGuan, China. They carefully handpicked their partners that are known for their exceptional quality and excellent craftsmanship within the industry, and work closely with them to source our fabrics. 

RE ONA’s products are made by fairly paid workers who work in a clean and safe environment and receive full benefits. RE ONA is proud to work with reputable manufacturers whose core values and business practices are closely aligned with RE ONA’s values.

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